Project management &

Through our planned and thought out approach we lead the projects from preparation to implementation and aftercare.


Combined with our knowledge and experience it adds up to a result that is unique in our field.

Domotion project management & engineering
Domotion field engineering
Telecom field services

Domotion has an excellent reputation for providing Field Engineers for telecom installations, tests, audits and site surveys.


Our solutions meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Thanks to our own testing and measuring equipment we can work completely independently.

Data center services

Your data center is the key element for your business. Let us help you expanding, renewing and maintaining these.


We offer many additional services such as arranging the cabling and installation, configuration or move of your equipment.

Domotion data center services
Project management & engineering

The only way to obtain a long term relationship is to have an open and clear conversation with the customer. Thanks to our professional no nonsense approach, we set out each client's personal needs.


Knowledge and experience are at the base of good project management. Coordination and implementation go hand in hand. In more than 10 years we have gained experience in both facets. With years of experience working for key telecom operators, Domotion can distinguish itself on a structural level.


Through our planned and thought out approach we lead the projects from preparation to implementation and aftercare. Combined with our knowledge and experience it adds up to a combination that is unique in our field. This is a vital contribution to both speed and accuracy for the project that needs to be carried out.


Added with extra services, such as 3D rendering your new or updated data center, detailed reports in every phase of your project, creative ideas, KPI monitoring,... makes we can take care of our customers on each level.


Telecom field services

Telecom Field Engineering is a complex challenge that requires experience, knowledge and dedication. We guarantee our customers an excellent service for both installation and maintenance of complex telecom installations.


Our Field Engineers obtained a strong base of telecom experience from the market leaders, before starting their career at Domotion. In this way Domotion generates the installation and operations of telecom networks, on behalf of various telecom providers.


These services are always tailored to the customer and can contain different items including installation, maintenance, expansion, inventory and removal of active devices. We are familiar with the latest technologies on the market, and can boast an extensive knowledge and experience in radio and fiber optic technology. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment, expertise and flexibility.


We therefore offer permanent services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Different tests can be performed by our experienced engineers: PMD, CD, OTDR, Ethernet, 4G & 10G Fiber channel, LTE performance, indoor & outdoor drive testing,...

 Data center services

The choice for Domotion if often based on our experience and knowledge. It's no different with the data centers. We take care of the installation or move of your equipment, maintenance, cabling,...


After listening to your needs and discussing the possibilities, we start with a 3D render of the solution. This can contain:  cold/hot corridor, vision, airflow with different types of equipment, cooling, cable management,... Both standard or customized infrastructure can be used.


Obviously we can take care of your cabling as well. Whether it is data networks, optical fiber networks or wireless networks, our experienced Project Engineers work with the customer to evaluate the current and future needs and prepare a proposal customized for the company.


The cabling is installed in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations, and is measured out and certified after installation. These complex networks need the expertise of professional craftsmen. Domotion therefore guarantees well-trained professionals, with years of experience in this industry.

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